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I love it ❤️❤️




My kids love it!

The variety of songs and voices make this app a must por kids learning English! Good Job Guys!

Speech therapist

My students love the songs!! The graphics are fun! The selection of songs is terrific

I like this app

When I breast feed my kid, I play the songs in this app and I can learn the songs with the lyrics . It is simple and easy to use .




I was disappointed to hear 'Nobody Loves Me, Everybody Hates Me' playing on my toddler's iPod from this app.

Works great for iPad 2

Works great for iPad 2


iphone4s os5.01 Load application length. Then load some apps, it bounced out. Can not be played. Me for a refund.

It's not work

It's not work, I want my money back. I don't want to rate, but I have to rate it to submit the review.

Huge amount of songs!

An enjoying introducing my son to old favorites as well as some that are new to me. Would be great if there were a way to pick voices - but overall really good app.

System requirements

Please post your remarks and system requirements at the top were price is located because I missed it when looking at things I was looking for for my kids because of this I can't use this app I bought on my 3GS for my kids This app does not work for my new 4s either



Not working

Good for Autistic Children!!! It helps a lot!!!

half of the fun

crash when i used on my ipod-touch and iphone4 with 5.0.1.. work well on ipad 2


Fabulous value! Fun and great way to learn children's songs!

It good

For kids

Best app for kid songs I've found

It has a play all button but that's per letter. There are a few songs I wish it had. It needs a play all button for all songs. Some of you wrote some comments I think I know why like someone said the app wouldn't open that is a hold from apple when your form of payment was insufficient and you need enough memory to play this app otherwise it's a very nice app.

Won't Open

I can't even rate this app properly b/c it won't even open on my iPhone, so as of now I just wasted $2. If it never opens I want a REFUND!

Nice app

Worked flawlessly on iphone 4s. So many song for just $2.

Doesn't work

Reboots the iPod. Can't get it to work.

Overall it is ok.

I like the app. Lots of songs and my kids love it. Only two issues I saw right from the start. 1. The moment you start playing a song, it seemed kinda hard to go back to the last page of where list of songs are, depending on which little you are on. Do I swipe left or right or do I double click? This part was not that intuitive. It only seemed to work after multiple tries of swiping or double clicking. 2. Also, this would make it so much better if we are given a choice of our favorite songs to place in another category and be able to just play that list all after each other. Thanks.

Not working

Loading screen comes up and then it goes away.

Word centric

Great app! Plenty of songs. To stop the music or choose another, tap on the image/picture.

I want my $$$ back

It doesn't work at all 

Not workin refund

Not working refund

Good review !!!!

My baby like it very much !

My son loves the music

Had no problem with this app so far. Lots of songs to choose from and mostly sang by children. It was definetely worth the upgrade for us. The only thing i do not like too much, is that some lyrics are not correct and for example: the kid sings breakfirst instead of breakfast, so now my 2 year old wants breakfirst ;-) i would recommend though, very cute app!

Cute app

My son loves this app & he learns a new song every time he plays this app, thanks.

What the.

Not working.

Kids Song All

Cute app. Songs are sung in children's voices with recognizable tunes. My 4 yr old loves it. 5 stars

good app for kids

good app for kids

Don't buy it.

This app doesn't work, complete waste of $1.99

I dont recomend this app!!

This app doesn't workk!!! I paid $1.99 for this app and never opened!! I report a problem and never refund me the money!! I dont recomended this app!!


MAthenaX Great


good app

Still needs work.

Just downloaded and found that songs faded out before finished. Feels like I got the free app, not $1.00 worth ( today only). Hope to get an update soon, then it would rock!

From A+++ to F

It's an amazing application with lyrics and all the bells and whistles. I was super excited to get this but it stopped working after the first day. What happened? Please fix it and I will change my review to a 5 which is what this app deserves. Of course that it needs to be able to load first!!!! Please please update it and fix it!

Piece of crap

Please do not waste your money. It did not work on my iPad. Nothing. I want my money back! I was excited of what it offers but all it did was loading....I am so mad!

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