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Good apps but doesnt work after purchase the full version.

I have a free version of KID Song A work well on my JB iPhone 4S but after I purchase the full version its doesnt seem to be work at all :)

Recommended. My daugther like it. c",)

Nice one!

Great disappointment ...

doesnt even start on my iPod (iPod touch 4G).

So good!

It is so good app for baby, it mask my baby dance!


My baby girl loves this app!

Kids & baby songs

My 3 kids enjoy & so much happy ...!!! Very nice

Kid song all 220

Oh love this app no regret for purchasing this app thanks..

Not too bad

Its pretty much ok for my little kid. But btw why do I have to get force to write this comment every minute I turn on this app. ?? And that Its really annoying for us. I guess...... Thank you.

Piece of crap

Please do not waste your money. It did not work on my iPad. Nothing. I want my money back! I was excited of what it offers but all it did was loading....I am so mad!

From A+++ to F

Its an amazing application with lyrics and all the bells and whistles. I was super excited to get this but it stopped working after the first day. What happened? Please fix it and I will change my review to a 5 which is what this app deserves. Of course that it needs to be able to load first!!!! Please please update it and fix it!

Still needs work.

Just downloaded and found that songs faded out before finished. Feels like I got the free app, not $1.00 worth ( today only). Hope to get an update soon, then it would rock!


MAthenaX Great

I dont recomend this app!!

This app doesnt workk!!! I paid $1.99 for this app and never opened!! I report a problem and never refund me the money!! I dont recomended this app!!

Dont buy it.

This app doesnt work, complete waste of $1.99

Kids Song All

Cute app. Songs are sung in childrens voices with recognizable tunes. My 4 yr old loves it. 5 stars

What the.

Not working.

Cute app

My son loves this app & he learns a new song every time he plays this app, thanks.

My son loves the music

Had no problem with this app so far. Lots of songs to choose from and mostly sang by children. It was definetely worth the upgrade for us. The only thing i do not like too much, is that some lyrics are not correct and for example: the kid sings breakfirst instead of breakfast, so now my 2 year old wants breakfirst ;-) i would recommend though, very cute app!

I want my $$$ back

It doesnt work at all 

Word centric

Great app! Plenty of songs. To stop the music or choose another, tap on the image/picture.

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